Submission Terms and Conditions

1.     Music submissions provided to Utmosfi, LLC shall be copyrighted. 

2.     Submit only material that you own and/or have the rights to sell, distribute and perform.

3.      Submit only if you have access to record high quality files (min. quality: 16bit/44.1kHz wav) if you are eligible for free              production in the future.

4.      Only one track per artist will be accepted.

4.      Submissions will be used by Utmosfi, LLC only to determine witch artist will be eligible for 2016 opportunities.

5.      Members cannot sue or file an arbitration against Utmosfi, LLC (or employees of), for any material submitted. Utmosfi, LLC vows to not infringe on the copyright(s) of the material(s) submitted.

By submitting the form below along with your music, you agree to the above terms and conditions.


Please fill out the following form and submit ONE .mp3 to to be considered for FREE production opportunities in 2016.

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